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Aquanaut Toilet Support Chair
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The Aquanaut™ Toilet Support Chair is specifically designed for children who require mild to moderate support to help maintain a sitting position when toileting.

The contoured, smooth, molded plastic seat is designed to support your child in a natural position for toileting. To make hygiene easier the seat is wider in the back. The seat simply slides under the adapter and is lowered into place when needed. The standard toilet bowl adapter connects under the seat so as not to interfere with the seat when the toilet support is not in use. The Aquanaut™ comes with an anterior trunk support featuring a channeled forearm guide and contoured handgrip to promote a successful position for elimination. Adjustable knee loops position and stabilize the knees in flexion while the bi-level footrest positions and supports the lower legs. The foot support can also be used as a step stool for washing up afterwards! A soft deflector does not interfere with transfers yet it successfully directs urine into the bowl. All components are completely washable with soap and water.

"I think Aquanaut is great: I love it. It's very, very supportive of the child who is rather stiff. Aquanaut holds him in the right position to relax and urinate. It's convenient and easy to switch from one bathroom to another, and it needs little maintenance." Mrs. Cheryl Deal, Special Ed Teacher, Arizona.

"We like Aquanaut very much. It is very easy to install, and a real benefit for school systems is being able to store the whole unit on a wall adaptor above the toilet." Brandi Perry, Occupational Therapist, Alabama.

"Aquanaut is a really superior product: the quality of the seating and positioning is excellent, especially in supporting a relaxed position for bowel movements. Our son has very poor positioning, and seating is a challenge. The flexible nature of the kneestrap allows the strap to be positioned lower to help restrain his leg movement, even though he has quite a lot of tone. We have been using Aquanaut for two years now, and I have recommended it to the school. We bought a second toilet adaptor to use Aquanaut at the grandparents' house too. " Dawn Northrup, Parent, Michigan.

"It's awesome! Aquanaut is the only seating device small enough to fit into our bathroom, and the first day we installed it, our 6-year old daughter was able not only to sit on the toilet by herself, but it gave her enough balance to take off her shirt, put on her pajama top, and brush her own teeth. It really gives her independence and makes her feel like a big girl. For the children in this ability range, it's the only thing out there." Rose Pelton, parent and occupational therapist, Michigan.

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