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ADA Wheelchair Swing Platforms by Sportsplay
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These accessible Wheelchair Swing Platforms have been specially designed to accommodate adult wheelchairs, even motorized wheelchairs! Front and rear ramps allow easy access onto and off of the nonskid, vinyl-coated steel platform. The wheelchair platform can be attached to almost any frame, however, the top rail should be at least 2 3/8" OD (outside diameter).  The platforms are made for 8' high swing frames and the platform should be the only swing in the bay.  The manufacturer recommends the swing frame be a bipod or tripod frame versus a single post frame.

If you need a frame, choose to pair your Swing Platform with either the Permanent or Portable Frame.  The Permanent Frame is meant to be set into the ground, while the Portable Frame can be moved from place to place. The swing platforms can be locked when not in use for safety. For use with adult supervision only.

Note:  SP-300PM, and SP-300PR ship by truck; actual freight charges apply.

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