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BackTpack Ergonomic Backpack School Bag
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Alleviate backpack-induced back pain with the convenient, spine-friendly BackTpackBackTpack® was designed by Marilyn Miller von Foerster, a physical therapist who has dedicated 35 years of practice to helping people with back problems.   BackTpack is a revolutionary carrying system that through everyday carrying habits, uses the vertical force of gravity for training proper alignment of the skeleton in the way the body was designed to function.

It allows you to stand, walk, and sit with your spine and head tall and your shoulders relaxed in a healthy "T" posture. These postural habits will contribute to lifelong healthy movement, and a strong skeleton.

Common backpacks require you to lean or pull forward to compensate for the load on the back. This posture has led to countless back, neck and shoulder problems. Since the load of the BackTpack is balanced and aligned with your natural axis, no compensation is necessary. The body's response is only to strengthen a tall posture. The load feels much lighter to the wearers, especially as they realize that load, when applied in this manner becomes their friend not their burden, encouraging their body to be strong, upright, graceful and free.


"More weight feels like less weight. I have no more back pain. It used to hurt when I had tons of stuff in my backpack. I can do sprints with it on. I used to have to take my backpack off to run. I like the pockets. It is something new at our school and other people want them. I stand up straight instead of slouched." - Kevin M.

"When I used the conventional backpack, I experienced back pain frequently, and was always overloading my backpack with books and binders. Within the first three days of using the BackTpack, my back pain was almost entirely gone, and has since completely disappeared. I can also carry the same amount, without walking around hunched over. I would recommend the BackTpack to everyone, especially to those experiencing any sort of back pain." - Connor C

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