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Hop 'N Pop Activity Play Mat Set
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Hop ’N Pop is a uniquely designed, sensory-based, learning activity play mat that encourages active play for pediatric adaptive physical and occupational therapy programs. It exercises kids' bodies and imaginations, while stimulating thier auditory senses.  Guaranteed to provide kids with hours of foot-stomping fun and stimulation.  Hop 'N Pop is a learning activity play mat that you fill with popping bubble inserts to create an unforgettable playtime experience.  Kids love to jump around on the mat and hear the bubbles pop.  Take just one step onto Hop 'N Pop and you and your kids will be hooked.

The activity fitness mat contains a brightly-colored, custom-sized sheet of close to 2,000 bubbles that snap and pop each time a child jumps, hops, dances, or plays on the mat, thus helping children discover the relationship between cause and effect. The mat’s top layer is made of a sturdy, washable, mesh fabric with vibrant graphic designs, while the bottom layer is a 1/4" thick, non-skid foam vinyl, which is heavy duty for extra stability and absorbing impact.

Not just fun, but healthy too! In today's world, kids are challenged by sedentary lifestyles, obesity, and other potentially life-inhibiting conditions. That's why child development and health professionals, educators, and care providers - not to mention regular moms and dads - are turning to Hop 'N Pop as an irresistible new tool for luring kids into hours of healthy, active, collaborative play. Indeed, Hop 'N Pop is proof-positive that fun can be good for you!


"It was a hit.  I used Hop "N Pop with 1 to 3 year olds, diagnoses ranging from Developmental Delay to Autism.  Great proprioceptive input (running and jumping), and auditory input is loud.  Could be used anywhere!  Other fellow professionals and parents LOVED IT!"
     -Physical Therapist, Small Wonders Early Intervention Services, Inc., New York

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