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Mobile Base - Small
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The TherAdapt® Mobile Base interfaces well with the Adjustable Positioning Chair and Bolster Chair. It is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

The Mobile Base allows the chair(s) to be moved safely about the home, clinic, or classroom. Caution must be exercised when doing this and the casters should be locked immediately upon arrival at the new location. As an added benefit, it also makes a great Vestibular Board! The Mobile Base has four locking swivel casters for safety and maneuverability, and will raise the chair 3 inches.

The Small Mobile Base (MB-A) interfaces with the APC-100 and BC-100.  The Medium Mobile Base (MB-B) interfaces with the APC-200, BC-200, and BC-300.  The Large Mobile Base (MB-C) interfaces with the APC-300.

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