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Meywalk & Miniwalk Gait Trainers
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Miniwalk and Meywalk 2000 

From Meyland-Smith in Denmark, the Miniwalk® and Meywalk® 2000 Gait Trainers are the improved versions of the famous MEYWALK® walking support. The height of the trunk support and seat are now adjusted quickly and stepless with spanner grips. The seat and trunk support has a dynamic spring suspension to encourage a more natural gait pattern. For transfers, the seat unit can be lowered by using a swing bar, making it easier for the user to get in and out of the walking support. Once the transfer is complete, the swing bar is pushed down and the user is lifted into the standing position. This lever lift ensures easier transfers for the caregiver and more comfort for the user. The body posture of the user can be set in any position from vertical to 15° forward, making it possible to find the body inclination that gives the user the best control.

The Miniwalk® and Meywalk® 2000 are made with high quality materials that guarantee long life, maximum reliability and a minimum of maintenance, making them suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.  Both models come standard with seat, trunk support, rear stop, handle bar, fender wheels, and parking brakes.

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