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Big Hug Deep Pressure Positioning Aid
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The Big Hug Deep Pressure Positioning Aid was ergonomically designed to calm, reorganize and redirect the energy of children and adults living with Autism or who are cognitively disabled and would benefit from deep pressure therapy.  The Big Hug has been found to be effective because it allows the caregiver to simultaneously apply different amounts of soft, wrap-around pressure to five separate areas fo the body.  The caregiver or user is then able to release the Big Hug's wraps after the desired amount of individualized sensory needs are obtained.  The Big Hug is not recommended for children under two years of age.


“The Big Hug is a nice, safe, sensory break without restraint.”
- Tammy Johnson, OTR, James Madison School, Sheboygan, WI

"Oh, what a big success the Big Hug has become! The children are all eager to try it, and they often just lie there smiling. Our teacher took it to her classroom and had an all day line up. She experienced calming in many of the children and increased verbal skills, also.
- Rosemary Dutter, The Dutter House, Beloit, WI

“I love the acceptance and reaction of the kids to the Big Hug!”
- Daphne Petersen, Special Education Teacher, Plymouth High School, Plymouth, WI

“The Big Hug has become an essential piece of equipment in my classroom. As a teacher of moderate/severe special needs children with sensory disorders, it has been a positive aspect to developing the emotional safety of my students. I have two autistic students whom use the Big Hug on a daily basis. One child has a voice output device called a DynaVox, on which I have programmed a green caterpillar (the Big Hug). When he becomes agitated he gets his device and finds the page with the picture and pushes “I need the Big Hug.” After “resting” for thirty minutes he is much more calm and ready to continue on with his day.”
- Mary Kay Van Deraa, Teacher, West Allis, WI

"We just started using the Big Hug, a fun and effective addition to our self-regulation tool box. It provides just right sensory sanctuary from the demands of the environment. Surprisingly light-weight and portable."
- S. Finn, OTR-L, Rhode Island Community Living and Supports, Cranston, RI

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