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Big Bend Clamp
Price: 170.05 USD
MSRP: 179.00 USD

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The Big Bend Clamp is designed to be attached to any work surface up to 1" thickness and will hold securely with its heavy-duty, metal threaded mounting bracket.  The inner surface of the bracket is lined with a scratch resistant foam padding.

The 12" flexible gooseneck is constructed of industrial strength steel with a colorful nylon soft cover.  It bends in any direction allowing you to position books, toys, switches, and other objects* where needed.

The Big Bend Clamp holds objects firmly with its spring-loaded 2" wide plastic, pivoting jaw opening.  The body of the clamp is made of light weight durable composite.  The padded jaws curve in to focus the clamping strength.

Guaranteed to last, the Big Bend Clamp is the perfect solution for home, school, or therapy center activities.

*Within a limited weight capacity

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