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Special Tomato MPS Seat
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The Multi-Positioning Seat (MPS) from Special Tomato provides a seating solution perfect for anywhere. The special needs seat with footrest included offers support to your child's sitting experience while sitting in almost any chair. The attachment strap allows you to use the MPS Seat with any chair, bringing your child up to the table in any circumstance! Great for use at school, at home, at therapy or while dining out. The Special Tomato MPS Seat provides a soft, lightweight and durable seating surface with cushions that allow for customized support. The cushions move up and down on a hook and loop track allowing for growth of your child. The cushions are made from a latex free material that is peel and tear resistant and impermeable to fluids. The cushions are supported by an outer shell that maintains position. Included with the Special Tomato MPS Seating System is Hip-Flex® adjustment that provides 30 degrees of pivot. This provides the proper alignment of your child's pelvis while using the special needs seat from Special Tomato. The perfect solution to your child's seating needs from Special Tomato!

Choose from 2 sizes each with 2 cushion sizes to lengthen the life of the seat by an average of 7 years

  • Choose from 2 headrest options:

    - Standard Headrest
    - Headrest with Laterals

  • Hip-Flex includes 15 degrees hip extension and 15 degrees hip flexion
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Made from Latex Free materials
  • Impermeable to fluids
  • Peel and Tear Resistant
  • Included with the MPS Seating System are:

    - Adjustable Seat, Head and Back Cushions
    - Seat Shell
    - Adjustable Footrest
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