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P Pod Seat and Support System by Inspired by Drive
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We are excited to introduce the P Pod, Inspired by Drive's newest entry into the Activity Positioning Market. This innovative product was designed with the intention of allowing children of special needs to interact with their family in a fun and engaging way, while offering substantial postural support.

The P Pod offers a whole different seating experience for those with specialized seating needs and is great for a range of ages from infants to young adults. P Pod was developed as a response to customers who said, “we want a different seating option at home!” Bean bags have traditionally been used for years with the disabled but they lacked the true support needed. So we developed the P Pod.

There are three components to the P Pod – the seat, a bolster support and the beanbag or Pod. The “P” in P Pod stands for postural, and postural support technology is an integral part of this design.

The P Pod was brought to life through the teamwork of a Physician, ATPS and engineers that all shared a common passion for enhancing the lives of special needs children and their families. The combination of its fun and playful design and high levels of postural support differentiates it from all other options in the market!

Whether in homes, in schools or in clinical settings, the P Pod is the perfect choice for your alternative seating system.

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