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Exer-Rider Roller Racer
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No motors, no batteries, no pedaling! The Exer-Rider® is a safe and fun mobility device especially for children with special needs. With its patented power drive system, the original Exer-Rider® is propelled by simply swinging the handlebars from side to side. Therapeutically adapted from the classic "Flying Turtle," the Exer-Rider® was designed for children with special needs by Beverly Richardson, PT. A pediatric therapist with decades of experience, she visualized its therapeutic benefits for special needs pre-school and grade school children.

Kids love it! This versatile therapeutic riding vehicle has been clinically proven effective and fun for physically challenged children of all ages and it accommodates a variety of diagnoses. Children who have spina bifida, moderate cerebral palsy (especially diplegia), muscular dystrophy and a variety of other diagnoses benefit from and enjoy the Exer-Rider®. Built to last, it can be enjoyed by many children for many years.

• Provides vestibular stimulation
• Enhances motor planning
• Promotes visual perceptual skills
• Promotes upper extremity strengthening
• Promotes trunk rotation
• Promotes independent play activity
• Rider sits low and safe
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