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The Maddacrawler Prone Support Walker teaches elementary crawling skills to children with developmental delays. The unique design properly aligns the childs body while encouraging crawling motion and weight bearing on hands and knees. Sling provides strength, support, and comfort and is height adjustable from 9" to 17" (22.9 - 45.2 cm) to accommodate different sized children. The body of the crawler is lightweight durable plastic and weighs approximately 20 lb. (9 kg).  Can also be used by therapists or parents as a comfortable support while assisting patients or children with walking exercises.

The optional Handrail Kit is available as an accessory to transform it into the Sit and Ride Ambulatory Aid.  The Sling is height adjustable from 9" to 17" (22.9 - 45.2 cm) and allows children and adults of all sizes to sit and propel themselves with their feet and to practice smooth reciprocal leg movements, heel strikes, and coordinated knee flexion and extension.  Casters are factory installed and suitable for use on all hard floors and most carpeting. Weight capacity is 175 lb. (79.6 kg). Replacement Slings are available for the Sit and Ride.

Int'l. Patent #6,019,705
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