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EASyS Advantage Stroller by Thomashilfen
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The EASyS Advantage Stroller is a lightweight and flexible mobile seating system perfect for every day use. The lockable and adjustable under-seat suspension offers the child extra comfort when going over all types of ground, from only slightly to very uneven terrain. The EASyS Advantage is designed to fold as a complete unit making it quick and easy to store when not in use. However it is easy to remove the seat unit from the aluminum chassis if required because of the click-fix system in the seating adapter. Simply release the click-fix lever and lift the seat off to switch it onto a different frame.

The seat unit can be placed in various positions, from lying completely flat to rear facing, and there are no fixed positions for the tilt-in-space facility. The pivot points for the hip and knee angle adjustments are positioned at the natural motion point of the child’s knee and hip. The EASyS Advantage is designed with the Balance Safety System (BSS®) that maintains the optimum center of gravity as the seat moves through its tilt-in-space and recline ranges. This means that after making changes to these angles the postural supports remain in the correct position. This also maintains the stroller’s supporting accessories right where your child needs them without shear. The fabric covers are breathable and fast drying and also quick to remove should you need to wash them. The EASyS Advantage has been successfully crash tested according to ISO 7176/19 and ANSI/RESNA WC/vol.1 section 19 6/22/99 draft and therefore ensures safe transportation of the child in specially adapted vehicles. An additional safety feature of the EASyS Advantage is reflectors integrated into the upholstery to provide good visibility in poor light.

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