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Chill-Out Chair by Freedom Concepts
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Relax, unwind, and take some pressure off and just chill-out!  Create a slice of paradise for your loved one, client or student with their very own Chill-Out Chair.

At Schools, Therapy Centers, and Hospitals, do your students or clients need a place to relax during therapy? They can hang out in a cool chair while being fed or communicated with. Both the foams and fabrics meet with some of the highest standards of flame resistance.

At Home, there’s no need for your child’s constant sitting in wheelchairs or scooters, being propped up with pillows on the sofa, or laid on the floor. The deep V design allows occupants to sit safely without restraint in the most dignified and supportive position possible, while providing a comfortable alternative to traditional hard-edged seating devices like walkers, standers, or wheelchairs.

Give them the dignity they deserve with their very own cool piece of furniture that allows them to sit safely and comfortably, without restraint, with the rest of the family.

Known for its calming effects on occupants, The Rock’er features a built in rocking base that provides a soothing back and forth motion. Standard with an ottoman that can be attached with tough Velcro straps, users have the option to rock away, or lock the rock for stationary use. Featuring our patented deep “V” design and systematic foam construction, The Rock’er provides the ultimate in support and comfort. Select from a variety of different fabrics or add sensory items to help with the vast spectrum of Autism.  Please note the Feeding/Activity Tray accessory is available for the Roll'er only.

The multi-use Roll’er is ideal for going from room-to-room in therapy settings, at school or at home. The Roll’er features our patented deep “V” foam design which eliminates the need for straps or restraints and provides a dignified alternative to sitting in a wheelchair, being propped up on the sofa, or laid out on the floor. The Roll’er comes standard with a supportive wooden base that allows for accessories such as our Feeding/Activity Tray and Push Bar to be added.


It’s A Foot Rest, It’s A Table, It’s A Chair!

The Chill-Out Chair Ottoman can be used everywhere. Standard with all of our Chill-Out Chairs, the Multi-Purpose Ottoman can be fastened to the chair or separated for use as a side table or as a caregiver’s chair. It is designed with leg elevation in mind to assist with circulation, help reduce edema in the lower extremities, and helps to isolate movement.

Great Colors And Textures

Pick from fabrics with smooth plush finishes, anti-bacterial characteristics, or highly-textured fabrics to provide increased tactile and visual stimulation.

All fabric selections were based on input from Physical and Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and parents of children with Cerebral Palsy, Aspersers, and Autism. Colors and textures were carefully chosen based on occupant response.


The Ultimate In Protected Fabrics

With their patented process Crypton™ Textiles are stain, water, and bacteria resistant. The key to this super fabric is its weaving process, in addition to the proven barrier. Crypton™ is an extremely durable and easy-to-clean fabric that meets some of the highest American standards for flame resistance.

  • Stain Resistant
  • Odor Resistant
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Permanent Moisture Barrier



Soft, raised weave fabric.




“We came across the Chill-Out Chair…and we are in love with it! It is very challenging to get (our son) Luke in a very comfortable position. This (Chill-Out) Chair affords him that ability to put him in a nice comfortable position and he can relax just like everybody else in the living room at night enjoying the night’s activities. This is a great product…and we are blessed and very happy that we found it for him!”
- Paul and Felice


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