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Walker Guide Handles for W1/2 and W1 Walkers
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Often when children begin walking, they have difficulty controlling their speed or direction. This is also true when children first begin using the swivel wheels or when using their walkers outdoors. The Kaye Guide Handles are designed to fit onto the back of the four smallest size walkers and provide an easy way for an adult to guide the child’s walkers.

The Kaye Guide Handles eliminate the need for the caregiver to bend over to hold the back of the child’s walker. With this accessory, guidance can be given without the adult experiencing back pain or fatigue due to an awkward position. The Kaye Guide Handles retrofit the smaller B or H frame walkers, sizes 1/2 through 3. Installation requires changing the bolts that hold the walker frame together. Once installed, the handle(s) can be removed without removing the hardware so that the walker can be used with or without the handle(s).

Addition of the Kaye Guide Handles does not interfere with normal folding, however, since the handle is attached by snap buttons, it can be removed for more compact folding.

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