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Red Walker by Kaye Products
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The Kaye Red Walker, in two sizes is the newest Posture Control Walker with a family-friendly design to appeal to young walkers and their families. This walker functions like all Kaye Posture Control Walkers; placing the support behind the child to insure upright alignment and placing the child’s center of gravity within the base of the walker for safety and balance. Clinical studies provide evidence that children with cerebral palsy have improved posture and gait characteristics, including step and stride length and timing of swing and stance phases of gait when using Kaye Posture Control Walkers.

Both sizes of the Kaye Red Walker have 360° front swivel wheels which can be locked for straight ahead tracking. The swivel on the front wheels can be limited while the child learns to control direction by adding the Kaye Swivel Limiters. The rear wheels are equipped with one-way ratchets to prevent the walker from rolling backward.

Accessories for these walkers include forearm supports, pelvic stabilizers, extensor assist pad, and soft sling support. Handgrips are latexfree with flanged ends to assist arm and hand placement. These walkers fold for transporting and storage.

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