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Quick BibĀ®
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Quick Bib: the Only Patented Clothing Protector That Provides Protection Without Reaching Behind Your Head to Secure. 4 Sizes for All Ages Quick Bib® NO ties, NO snaps, NO Velcro, NO reaching behind the neck. – Just spread the ring and slide it on.

The Quick Bib® Clothing Protector offers the user a simpler, easier method of protecting their clothing. No straining to reach behind to secure or worse, waiting for help. There are No Snaps, No Ties and No Velcro. Quick Bib® Clothing Protector uses a Patented flexible injection molded “C” shaped ring sewn into a comfortable cloth collar that easily spreads open and has lasting memory EASY ON, EASY OFF Because it slides on from the front, anyone with limited motion due to health or space issues can position it without having to reach around the neck. Simply pull down from the front and it’s off.

The Quick Bib® Vest (size L & XL) has a trim tapered chest area, yet still wide enough  to catch those spills and drips with the same vinyl backing. Now 10% longer on your lap even without a crumb catcher.

PERFORMANCE – Quick Bib® out performs the competition with ease of use. Spread the flexible ring and slide it on: ALL DONE. Quick Bib® can even be positioned with one hand Machine washable and dryer safe without removing the ring. Quick Bibs are so easy to use even young children and adults with limited mobility will have no problem with the “Easy On, Easy Off” Quick Bib®.

Patent #6,836,900

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