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Scoot-About by Kaye
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The Kaye Scoot-About, a swivel wheeled scooter, is useful for both children and adults. The adjustable seat height makes it possible for children and adults to sit on the seat and propel themselves with their feet. This makes it possible to work on reciprocal movement, heel-strike and coordinated knee flexion and extension. These patterns, which are necessary for ambulation, can be practiced in sitting before standing balance has developed. The Scoot-About provides a wonderful way to activate the hamstrings and quadriceps in a reciprocal pattern following dorsal rhizotomy or hamstring lengthenings. Since the seat is adjustable in height, the child can be positioned with the appropriate amount of hip and knee flexion for maximal movement excursions. Comes standard with four, 5" swivel caster wheels that provide easy movement on firm surfaces.

The optional Back Support provides pelvic support for children when seated on the Scoot-About. The back and side supports are adjustable in height and width to give appropriate support to align the pelvis and trunk.

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