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TheraTogs ULTRA Wrist & Thumb System
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TheraTogs are made of a patented, hand-washable composite fabric consisting of nylon and spandex, with a foam backing made of an aqueous-based elastomeric urethane. TheraTogs™ are Class I medical devices intended to be issued by, and applied under the supervision of, a licensed healthcare practitioner.

The Wrist & Thumb Positioning System is the most versatile and flexible system of its kind. Prescribe it as a stand-alone functional alignment aide, or use it to extend a TheraTogs strapping application from the shoulder or elbow to the hand.

The hook-sensitive wrist and thumb unit comes in Pediatric sizes for either the left or right hand. Made of the same foam-backed material as our TheraTogs garments, the Wrist &Thumb Positioning System is both comfortable and effective in supporting and maintaining joint position gains that are available with manual correction.


  • Improve wrist and thumb stability
  • Restore the palmar arch
  • Reduce flexible ulnar deviation
  • Assist in reducing forearm pronation or supination
  • Relieve pain associated with malalignment

If you can correct wrist and thumb alignment with your hands, without force, you can use TheraTogs to carry over that correction – positioning your client’s day-long activities in corrected functional alignment.

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