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TheraTogs ULTRA Lower Extremity System
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TheraTogs are made of a patented, hand-washable composite fabric consisting of nylon and spandex, with a foam backing made of an aqueous-based elastomeric urethane. TheraTogs™ are Class I medical devices intended to be issued by, and applied under the supervision of, a licensed healthcare practitioner.

The TheraTogs ULTRA Lower Extremity System is designed to address alignment and functional deviations of the knee joints, developing femurs, and hip joints in an independently ambulatory child, and in an ambulatory adult with no problems related to hip or trunk stability.

Available in a full range of pediatric and adult sizes, the Lower Extremity System is a highly flexible modality for addressing leg rotation, ab/adduction, intoeing and out-toeing, and genu varum/valgum.

Intoed gait, in a child < age 7 years, due to:
  • Excessive femoral torsion
  • Excessive medial leg rotation
  • Excessive medial foot rotation
Out-toed gait due to:
  • Diminished femoral torsion in a child < age 7 yrs
  • Excessive lateral tibiofibular rotation due to knee joint ligament laxity
  • Excessive lateral tibiofibular torsion (age < 7 yrs)
Defer or avoid surgical correction by using physiologic adaptation and skeletal modeling capacities via low-load, prolonged intervention
Knee hyperextension in stance or gait in a child < age 6 yrs, or due to a newly acquired due to injury
Promote improved quadriceps muscle activation; promote appropriate knee joint modeling
Inadequate knee extension in the swing phase of gait; inadequate heel contact at early stance.
Assist quadriceps during late swing phase; facilitate heel contact at early stance
Genu varum due to knee joint ligament laxity
Genu valgum due to knee joint ligament laxity
Improve load-bearing alignment
Persistent flexible foot pronation related to excessive medial rotational torque forces in the hips and/or knees
Excessive flexible foot supination related to excess lateral rotational torque forces in the hips and/or knees.
Use strapping and the closed kinetic chain to influence foot alignment and function.

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