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TogRite Strapping by TheraTogs
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After several years of research and development, we’re pleased to offer TOGRITE™ - the muscle-assist strapping we always wanted for TheraTogs orthotic garment and strapping systems.

TogRite is a dynamic strapping material with resisted elongation and strong, elastic rebound properties that uniquely replicate functioning muscle. The elasticized Latex-free backing grips the body to resist migration.

Labratory testing has demonstrated TogRite’s superior rebound and recovery properties, with no “stretch out” or loss of recoil strength and resistance to stretch – even after repeated use and multiple machine washings. We’ve seen the same straps used daily for more than 6 months with no loss of elastic vigor or grip.

  • Consistent stretch & rebound
  • Strong elasticity & resistance to stretch 
  • Securely embedded, elasticized grip lining
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Machine washable (air dry)
  • Packaged in rolls for custom sizing and fitting – with multiple tabs

    Use TogRiite Strapping To…

    Enhance the effects of TheraTogs systems, or preview the effects of comparable splints or orthoses:

    • Pelvic stabilization in sitting
    • Postural alignment
    • Pelvic rotation
    • Scapular and shoulder retraction
    • Abdominal assist
    • Hip motion assist
    • Knee flexion or extension assist (swing phase)
    • Ankle dorsiflexion assist
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