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The Jettstep is a valuable tool to help kids stay focused on what's important in school. It helps to ease stress on the body and clears distractions associated with dangling feet. When positioned properly under a students chair we've marked improvement in children's posture as well as their ability to focus. The new Baltic birch steps with stainless steel legs are available in six sizes:

The JettStep (patent pending) is a specialized footrest that is easily anchored to any standard elementary school-sized chair (different sizes available) that allows a student to sit with proper posture and alignment, as well as get sensory input from having his/her feet on a solid surface.

It was originally designed to accommodate a student with special needs who did not require an adaptive chair, but whose feet did not touch the ground in a regular kindergarten-sized chair. His feet were dangling and he would be distracted throughout class, and would often fall out of his chair, trying to have his feet supported. When a traditional footrest or phone book was placed under his feet, he would kick it away in seconds. Upon further investigation in other Special Education classrooms, it was evident that there were many students in the same predicament.

The Jett Step was created so that teachers and other service providers can have a quick, easy, affordable way to solve a common problem in the classroom.

The JettStep can be ordered to accommodate small classroom chairs, medium classroom chairs, or large classroom chairs and comes in two heights; 4" (10cm), and 6" (15cm).


  • Small - Measure distance between the bottom of the front chair legs (outside to outside of leg). Up to 15.5"/40cm.
  • Medium - Measure distance between the bottom of the front chair legs (outside to outside of leg). Up to 17.5"/44cm.
  • Large - Measure distance between the bottom of the front chair legs (outside to outside of leg). Up to 20.5"/52cm.


“The JettStep has helped facilitate increased posture and stability for students working on table top fine motor tasks, writing activities and visual tasks. Having a solid point of contact provides the base of support needed for my school-based occupational therapy clients. It is very versatile and easy to use. I keep one handy for use with my students in my O.T. room”
–Peter Gillen, OTR/L

“Sitting with proper posture provides increased facial symmetry that allows for proper alignment of speech articulators, as well as providing increased breath support. The JettStep has been a great item to have in my Speech Therapy room. I do not have a lot of room, nor do I have different sized chairs to fit the various heights of my students, so the JettStep has been an enormous help to me!”
– Anna K., Speech Therapist

“I am a special education teacher using the JettStep in my classroom. The JettStep enables the student to sit quietly without dangling or swinging their feet, causing them to be more focused on my lessons. The step can be easily cleaned and is easily moved within the classroom.”
–Carol M., Special Education Teacher

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