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Special Tomato Soft-Touch Therapy Rolls
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NEW Latex-Free Special Tomato Soft-Touch™ Therapy Rolls are made of a unique seamless material that is guaranteed to be peel-resistant and tear-resistant. The material is impermeable to fluids and will withstand cracking. These products cannot be submerged in fluids. This heavy-duty anti-microbial material can be cleaned easily with common disinfectants. These Soft-Touch™ Therapy Rolls are the perfect treatment and positioning solution for use with multiple children and adults in therapy centers and schools. There is a 5-year Manufacturer Warranty for all Soft-Touch™ Therapy Rolls. Soft-Touch™ Therapy Rolls are a wonderful treatment tool that have unlimited functional purposes. Therapists often use therapy rolls when trying to improve weight-bearing, dynamic gross motor movements, coordination, righting reactions, strength, muscle tone and so much more. With a little creativity, therapists and their clients can make achieving their therapy goals simple and most of all, FUN!!!


The Special Tomato Soft-Touch™ Therapy Mini Rolls are 3" in diameter and 8" long. When a large size roll is not indicated or appropriate, therapists use the Soft-Touch Mini Therapy Rolls in various ways to achieve functional outcomes.

Clinical applications of how some therapists use the Soft-Touch Mini Therapy Rolls:

-Used for positioning to help normalize muscle tone and decrease primitive reflexes -Used to support smaller body parts (wrists, neck, etc.) when range of motion is limited -Used to maintain leg separation while in a seated position -Used in car seats to position the legs or trunk -Used under the feet to develop balance reactions

Available in Chocolate Color Only.


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