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Special Tomato MPS Push Chair
Price: 3870.83 USD
MSRP: 4300.92 USD

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The Special Tomato® MPS Seat can be transformed into a transportable push chair. Convaid and Special Tomato® have teamed up to create a push chair base that accepts the MPS Seat. The same push chair will accept both the small and large MPS Seat. The Stroller is an umbrella style folding transportable push chair that is approved for bus or van transport. Safety features meet ANSI-RESNA WC/19 regulations. Children can now safely get to school in style with the MPS plus Push Chair.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 10-year Expiration Date for the MPS Car Seat and the MPS Push Chair Kits for use during transportation! The MPS Seat itself can be used beyond 10 years with the Wooden Mobile Base or attached to a standard chair for more than 10 years!
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