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Leckey PAL Classroom Seat
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Position + Attention = Learning!

The Leckey Pal is the classroom seating option for your child with mild to moderate postural needs. This attractive, sturdy and easy-to-use adaptive seating system is ideal for children aged 1 – 8 years. The Leckey Pal is designed to help improve stability. This will help reduce fatigue and allow children longer periods of concentration and activity in school.

Simple hand adjustments of the back rest angle, seat depth and seat height make this classroom seat perfect for quick adjustments in the classroom.

The Leckey Pal offers 3 key areas of support for your child:

  • Pelvic Stability -- Pal uses a simple combination of optional side pads to adjust the seat width, and a two-point lap belt to give additional support. An optional ramped cushion is available for those needing that little bit of extra help to maintain their pelvis and femurs in optimal alignment.

  • Trunk and head alignment -- While the children that Pal is designed for won’t need specific head support, maintaining the trunk in a midline posture automatically translates to improved head alignment. This enables eyes to focus more easily, and contributes to increased reading and writing ability. Pal’s angle adjustable backrest, armrests, otional tray and tables ensure that the trunk has that little extra lateral, posterior or anterior support needed to lessen fatigue and maintain trunk alignment.

  • Leg and foot positioning -- Supporting the femurs is important for weight distribution and therefore comfort. Pal comes with a depth adjustable seat base as standard, and an optional pommel for maintaining femur alignment. Adequate foot support is essential for helping the rest of the body stay stable. Pal has height adjustable legs, and an optional footrest which can be used to make sure feet are well supported whatever the size of the child or table height they are sitting at. In addition, the optional high seat frame converts Pal size 1 to a high chair, ideal for feeding and inclusion at family meal times.

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