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The Up n’ Go is an adjustable, partial weight bearing mobility device with multiple functions in rehabilitation settings. Professional and family caregivers can adjust the Up n’ Go as needed to deliver the amount of support required when allowing the user to stand, sit, and walk. The amount of support can be lowered as a patient progresses, or gradually increased as in the case of a progressive disability. The support harness causes the user’s center of gravity to always be inside of the frame, greatly reducing the risk of falling.

The user can walk and steer the Up n’ Go "hands free." This "hands-free" feature enables patients at home to perform typical household functions that are difficult or impossible when using existing walkers. The Up n’ Go is lightweight and highly maneuverable with a tight turning radius and swiveling wheels. Users are able to pass through standard home doors and fit in most rooms including small half-bathrooms. The Up n’ Go can be rolled under most chairs, beds and wheelchairs and fits around standard commodes for transfers.

Partial Weight Bearing

An earlier class of partial weight bearing devices sometimes called lifts is in wide usage in professional physical therapy settings. The best of these devices have many of the same features as the Up n’ Go. They can support the user when moving from sitting to standing and provide constant support while allowing the user to raise and lower their hips when walking to achieve a normal gait. These devices are quite large and typically are used in conjunction with a treadmill.

Comparing to the Up n’ Go

The most startling difference between lifts and the Up n’ Go is the size of the devices. The Up n’ Go weighs less than twenty pounds and moves about freely as the user moves. In addition to providing much more flexibility in use by the therapist (For example no treadmill is required so the user can walk at their own pace over most flat surfaces), the device is small enough to by used in most home settings. Thus a user can progress from therapy to home use while retaining the same support capability. A further important difference is that the Up n’ Go sells for about a third of the price of most lifts. As a result it provides an economical alternative in the professional setting and a sensible price for the home user.

Gait Trainer

Conventional Walkers and Pediatric Gait Trainers are basically seats on wheels. The user is lifted into the device by caregivers and the device is adjusted to place a seat or harness at a height that allows the user to either stand or “sit“ in an upright position. When the user chooses to stand they must bear all of their weight on their legs. When the user chooses to “sit“ the device will bear all of their weight. While some users can use this device as the name implies, i.e., to be re-trained to walk, the device has serious limitations. Many users, especially those with cognitive issues, discover that they can propel themselves forward by resting their weight on the seat or sling (“sitting“ in an upright position) and pushing their legs backwards in a “sculling“ motion. While this provides some ability for the user to exercise their lower extremities, the “gait“ they begin to learn can actually be counterproductive when trying to return to a normal walking gait. Further users with limited leg strength who might be able to walk with a correct gait if they received partial weight bearing support find that they have no trunk support with the Walkers and Gait Trainers.

Comparing to the Up n’ Go

The Up n’ Go is a partial weight bearing device and so is a much more effective Walkers and Gait Trainers than conventional devices. To begin with, the Up n’ Go allows for much improved therapy in pre-walking activities. Improved posture, dynamic balancing and hip flexure and lower extremity strength can all be worked on while the user is supported by the Up n’ Go. When the user is ready to walk, the support provided by the Up n’ Go remains constant while the user’s trunk is allowed to move slightly up and down with each walking step. Thus it is possible to exercise as one might with a Conventional Walkers and Gait Trainers but to do so while practicing a normal gait.

It has been our experience that many young users of conventional gait trainers outgrow the device as they grow in size and weight. This is because their leg strength is insufficient for them to carry their weight when they are not actually ’sitting’ on the device. At this point their only alternative is wheelchair use. Because the Up n’ Go supplements the users leg strength, in many cases they are able to walk. We have numerous cases where a patient who has not walked for an extended period of time (the longest period was a remarkable 13 years) is suddenly discovered to be able to walk with the Up n’ Go.

In addition the support of the Up n’ go can be used in raising the user from a sitting position to a standing position thus eliminating the need for the caregiver to use their own strength to transfer the user.

Gait Trainers and the Up n’ Go are available at about the same price.


“The real value of the Up n’ Go is the ability to exercise and strengthen all parts of a wheelchair bound person’s body. If the Up n’ Go is used to exercise, patients will significantly lower their susceptibility to disease, decreasing their hospital experiences.”

“We have had very good results with the Up n’ Go.”

“It’s taken a long time, but it’s been well worth it. Mike can now lift his arms over his head and balance. He can stand for 10 to 15 minutes and take more of his own weight during transfers. The Up n’ Go has helped a lot!”

“…Paul has such low muscle tone that he has trouble sitting on his own. If you can not sit up, you can not walk. Because the Up n’ Go supports Paul’s trunk and takes some of his weight, he is able to walk, almost run, and he even went to the last high school dance. It was a two hour dance, and Paul was able to stand in the Up n’ Go for half the dance!”

“With the Up n’ Go, the engineer has developed a very practical piece of equipment that is easy to get into, and wraps up to fit into the back of your car. There is no excuse not to use it as much as possible! Not to mention, that the device is dynamically correct for teaching and mimics walking, leaving the user’s hands free!”

“The main difference between the Up n’ Go and other gait trainers is that the others are bulky, and they allow the person to basically be sitting while their feet move. The person is actually not doing the work. The Up n’ Go mimics the gait of real walking, and the person in it is actually doing the work, safely and comfortably, taking smaller steps, and using as much support as required.”

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